These Are Five MORE Of The Most-Hipster World Leaders (Part II)

This piece is meant in jest and is not meant to offend in any way shape or form, except in …
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Coachella™ Coverage® Is Inescapable. But Here Are Three Ways You Can Try.

What was once just a quaint music festival on a polo field, has—due to the rise in social media and …
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These Are Five Of The Most-Hipster World Leaders (Part I)

This piece is meant in jest and is not meant to offend in any way shape or form, except in …
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Awful Reviews Puts One-Star Amazon Movie Reviews On Movie Posters

You know those things on the internet where they take words from one thing and paste them on an image …
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Last week Drake released a track called Days In The East. This week OVO member PARTYNEXTDOOR (who was born in …
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This Is What You Should Listen To Today: Jamie XX – Sleep Sound

Jamie XX’s music may be the only tolerable form of EDM on the planet. Here’s the video for his new …
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See, Condoms Can Be Cool: Introducing The USB Condom

Domes, rubbers, happy hat, jimmy cap, raincoat… the list goes on, and all of these are slang for one thing …
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USB Condom

These Elderly, Church-Going Women Are My New Best Friends On Weird Twitter

Weird Twitter is a thing that exists. “If you don’t know,” unfortunately there’s actually nothing I can tell you that …
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People Are Having Sex On Stage To Save The Rainforest

Whatever you are doing in the name of conservation–recycling, using a canvas tote bag, or not eating meat on Mondays–you …
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NEW MUSIC: Motion Studies – Distractions (Tough Mix)

This is a new Motion Studies song which sounds very different from other Motion Studies songs. That’s not a bad …
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This Animated .Gif Of Pop-Tarts Being Made Has Remedial Powers

Monday morning blues. Weekend cobwebs. Whatever you’re trying to shake, this seamless, animated .gif of Pop-Tarts being made is here …
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Oh, Cool. Parquet Courts have a new single.

Hey guys, I’m a music critic. This is fucking good music. Listen to this Parquet Courts single now. Thanks, Kareem, …
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Vintage Y95 Morning Radio DJ Glenn Beck Is The Only Tolerable Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a paranoid asshole. While I could spend the next two hours crafting this sentence with a bunch …
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These Photos Of Salt Flats Are Bohemian As Fuck

There are a million things the internet is over-saturated with and it’s approximately 99% dumb, tacky shit. One thing that’s …
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